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WAR! Ray G’s Heartless Ex-Girlfriend Spills Singer’s Dirty Secrets; Refuses to Apologize for Celebrating Baby’s Death

Elizabeth Liz Ankunda Namara, the ex-girlfriend of singer Reagan Muhairwe aka Ray G Rhiganz, is on rampage.

Little was known about Liz Ankunda Namara until singer Ray G and his wife Annabelle Twinomugisha lost their baby.

As if celebrating, Liz Ankunda Namara expressed joy that Ray G and Annabelle Twinomugisha were now suffering.

But why? Liz Ankunda Namara made it clear to all and sundry that Ray G is his ex-boyfriend.

She then attempted to expose Annabelle, claiming she was a known ‘sumbie vendor’ in Mbarara City.

“Dear Ray G I warned you to be careful with me after messing up the good life we had built together but you couldn’t listen because that ka Mbarara’s public p**ssy had opened her dirty p**ssy for you now look at you!!!” Liz Ankunda Namara said.

She further threatened that she would not rest until Ray G has suffered for dumping her.

“My beloved ex I will not rest until you pay for my years and money that you wasted…. Unless that you gonna cry until you leave this world,” Liz Ankunda Namara added.

In a social media video and leaked audio, Liz Ankunda Namara claims that Annabelle had given birth to a premature baby and that Ray G didn’t have the money to pay for an incubator at a Mbarara-based hospital.

She then rubbished claims that she had killed the baby to revenge.

Liz Ankunda Namara has made it clear that she still loves Ray G but had come out to celebrate his sorrows because he had left her hurt.

According to Ray G’s ex, the ‘Weeshe’ singer had promised to marry her but she was shocked to realize that he had moved on and fallen in love with Annabelle.

She even claims to have used her kyeyo money to promote Ray G’s music career.

Liz even claims that Ray G has not had another hit song since he chucked her.

That when she left her job abroad to marry Ray G, she was shocked that the singer had decided to dump her, leaving her and her family so disappointed.

Liz Ankunda Namara even recalled the good old days she claims to have had with Ray G and his family. That in then, she used to host about eight of the singer’s relatives at their home in Mbarara during end of year festivities such as Christmas.

She went on to allege that most people in Mbarara knew that she was Ray G’s wife-to-be.

But all hell would break loose when Liz Ankunda Namara learnt that Ray G had surprised Annabelle with a birthday photo and splashed his timeline with photos from the event.

That at first, Ray G had at first tried to ignore Annabelle but would later get into her life full swing to the extent that when Liz was sick, he refused to take her to the hospital himself, delegating his responsibility to a friend.

Liz Ankunda Namara further alleged that Ray G would not have married Annabelle but she reportedly became pregnant for him, and he was trapped.

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