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WAR OF WORDS: Bobi Wine NUP Supporters Bitterly Attack Rwomushana for Telling Museveni to Quickly Destroy ‘Kyagulanyi Gang of Hooligans’

Bobi Wine and Charles Rwomushana. Courtesy Montage

Charles Rwomushana is a controversial political analyst whose views on several issues on national importance leave many shaking their heads in either confusion or admiration. Adding a historical perspective some times and asking questions that seem general but important for his narratives, Rwomushana comes off as a political analyst whose views are difficult to understand or one whose analysis is unclear.

Yet Kampala-based TVs and radios have continued to host him to dissect issues and offer that largely unique perspective to issues. A former spy who worked with the Internal Security Organization (ISO) as head of political intelligence and research, Rwomushana is known to speak his mind, bashing the Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni government and state as well as the Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine People Power pressure group and National Unity Platform (NUP).

In his recent social media posts this week, Rwomushana’s description of NUP supporters as the Kyagulanyi Gang of Hooligans that should be dismantled the Museveni government left many Bobi Wine supporters angry. For example, Rwomushana accused the Kyagulanyi Gang of corrupting Jakana Nadduli, son to former minister without portfolio Hajji Abdul Nadduli.

“This young man was corrupted by the Kyagulanyi Gang… This level of hate was extreme… Now that he is dead we can’t criticise him but his death should challenge us to do self reflection and embark on the voyage to National Reconciliation,” wrote Rwomushana.

Jakana Nadduli died at the start of this week barely a month after he was granted bail and released from detention for charges of promoting sectarianism against the Banyankore and Banyarwanda tribal groups. Nadduli had flip-flopped in his plea, first accepting that he had indeed uttered statements that promoted sectarianism and hatred against the Banyankore and Banyarwanda, and then changing his plea to ‘not guilty.’ (See Details Here).

President Museveni has since ordered for an investigation into what exactly killed Jakana, a son to his former bush war comrade Nadduli. But the elderly former minister, Nadduli, has revealed what he thinks killed his son. (Read Stories Here and There).

Rwomushana has gone ahead to ask Gen Museveni’s government to ‘smash’ the Kyagulanyi Gang, warning that the group could disrupt the country’s peace. “I am vehemently opposed to the Kyagulanyi Gangsters; they’re a threat to life and peace and must be neutralized… The State should have deployed in time to save innocent people. Now that the State slept as usual, it should hunt down these gangsters and smash them,” he wrote.

“The thinking of the Kyagulanyi Gang is genocide. Whether they are conscious about it is a different matter. Their actions and teaching generate hate against a particularly people. Give it time you will tell me. My duty is to speak against that evil… I’m resolute on political gangsters. The Revolutionary United Front of sanko and Sam Bokery finished people in Freetown. The Mungiki in Kenya was a disaster. Any sane State finishes gangsters before they pick weapons. One day you will tell me.”

He insisted that the Kyagulanyi Gang had criminal intentions. “… these gangsters assault people on burials and others are on trial for murdering people with pangas. To be polite, they are a criminal gang… The NRA Occupation state is to blame for being too slow in destroying this Kyagulanyi Gang. They are genocidal. They are mobilising the population for crimes against humanity… They beat Kahima the police spokesperson. They attacked JJ Odong during the burial of Kirumira. They attacked Kusasira. They attacked Semeo Nsubug. They threw bottles at musicians. The list is long… the Kyagulanyi Gang attacked Dr Kiiza Besigye at Masengere after appearing on radio CBS.”

He also faulted Jakana Nadduli over a video in which he was seen saying he would celebrate the death of the president and his brother. “Jesus Christ commands we love our enemies and to bless them. You can’t prepare to celebrate the death of another. The calendar of death is only known to God. Let’s change our tone towards love and reconciliation,” preached Rwomushana.

But Rwomushana defended social critic and Banyarwanda Abavandimwe leader Frank Gashumba for wishing Jakana Nadduli dead. “Gashumba reacted in anger against hate wherein he is a victim. I look at Gashumba as a victim of the campaign of hate. I experience it. So I know it,” wrote Rwomushana.

Gashumba was recently quoted as telling a local television station: “There is no person who has spread hatred towards Banyarwanda in Uganda like Jakana Nadduli. He recently got an accident. I wish he died because he wished us to die; so I also wish him death. If you love us we love you back and if you hate us we will hate you back. I don’t know why he did not die in that accident.”

Rwomushana’s views angered NUP supporters and other regime critics who responded by telling him that he was reportedly bought to serve the ‘dictator,’ while others accused him of spreading hate against particular groups of people. Yet more others blasted Rwomushana for claiming to preach love by allegedly amplifying hatred against certain groups. The discussion that ensued made Rwomushana trend on social media microblogging site Twitter on Wednesday night through Thursday. You can follow the trend and conversation for reactions on Twitter by just typing Charles Rwomushana or simply Rwomushana.

Meanwhile, security agencies have been ordered to arrest ‘hooligans’ who beat up NRM activist Majambere at the burial of Jakana Nadduli. (Read Full Story Here).

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