War of words as tycoon, upcoming singer fight for Angella Katatumba’s love

Singer Angella Katatumba. Courtesy Photo

Ever since singer and producer Daddy Andre made it official with fellow musician Nina Roz and made it known to all and sundry that he was no longer interested in Angella Katatumba, the ‘Tonelabira’ hit maker had made her new man a well-guarded secret.

But now, it has emerged that two men, an upcoming singer and a tycoon dealing in cars, are serious fighting for Katatumba’s love.

Identified as Ham, the car dealer claiming to be Angella Katatumba’s boyfriend for many years, recently came out of his ‘kamooli’ and swore before Vision Group’s Bukedde TV cameras that he was the singer’s man.

Ham even swore he had been ‘chewing’ Angella Katatumba long before Daddy Andre’s eyes fully opened to take in her beauty.

But what was Ham’s intention? Why is he coming out of ‘kamooli’ now?

Well, Ham recently received disturbing news to the effect that upcoming singer Amos K was seriously pursuing Angella Katatumba.

“Since Angella Katatumba doesn’t cook, I will hire a maid because all of us get home late… Therefore I have no problem with that as long she is ready to come and take on my small cassava… My friends have wished me good luck and so, I can now confirm that I have taken the first step in cementing my relationship with Angella,” said Amos K.

“Finally, I won’t comment about Daddy Andre’s failure to take on Angella Katatumba’s love, however, it’s now me… I will make sure Angella Katatumba has a successful relationship this time around.”

That Amos K had even donated a  V8 land cruiser to melt Angella Katatumba’s heart.

As the fight for Katatumba rages on, Ham has stung Amos K, calling him poor and lacking the capacity to keep up with the Angella.

The car dealer has advised the upcoming singer to concentrate on his music and leave Angella Katatumba to him.

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