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WAIT! Uganda’s vulnerable poor to receive Shs100K next week


Uganda’s vulnerable urban poor will have to wait for one week to receive Shs100,000 relief package, junior (state) minister for gender Charles Okello Engola has said.

Minister Engola told the Parliamentary Covid19 Taskforce the process of disbursement of the relief money would delay to allow more transparency, including verification of beneficiaries.

“To create transparency in what we are doing, after collecting all these data which will take one week from now, we shall have all the data we need,” the minister told the taskforce.

“So after one week, we shall display all this data. This will be before the payment.”

The vulnerable poor were expecting the Shs100,000 June 06, but delivery via mobile money had been delayed to Thursday, July 08.

Now Engola has said the disbursement will be made a week from today.

At least 500,000 will share just over Shs50bn to take them through the second Covid19 lockdown occassioned by new virus variants.

The Parliamentary taskforce wanted government to increase the number of beneficiaries, arguing that more people were affected by the lockdown.

‘Only God Can Save Uganda from Covid19 Crisis’

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