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Vienna College Namugongo ‘Same-Sex Couple’ at School Party Shocks Ugandans

Vienna College Namugongo girls couple

GAY COUPLES IN UGANDAN SCHOOL? Photos showing ‘same-sex’ couples at a Vienna College Namugongo school party have left some Ugandans shocked and worried at the possibility of relationships among students of the same gender in the country’s schools. 

The photos, with Vienna College Namugongo branded in the background, are slowly catching the attention of netizens.

Walking hand in hand and hugging, the girls-only couples in the pictures have been received with mixed reactions, with some saying they are normal and others cursing the schools for promoting un-African practices within its gates. Here are some of the reactions from Twitter:

Vienna college namugongo, the homosexuality in this school is wild, parents check on you children who study from that school.Arnold Nasasira @RealNasasira

And someone comes out to blast one who brought out the pictures, imagine! They did everything in broad day light, said they have date for 5 yrs and engaged from Vienna College Namugongo, to hell with LGBTDennis Rowlands IMan United Fan|HeathensINamblaz @EAdvertizing

I don’t see why people are so shaken by this. It’s prom, these girls probably didn’t get guys to ask them out so they went together. Are we not supposed to have friends? The dress code is decent too. Unless you find them fuc7ing,  it’s just envy driving ur mind. Vienna rules. Dr. Jay-mie @LaJoliest

I don’t think it’s a must to couple with a boy. Vienna college girl’s couple rocked the red carpet together violated social and moral values that the country prides itself in, as the pictures depict pride in same gender unions, even for an arrangement as trivial as prom.Mwene Gonje @BGonje

It’s deeply deplorable, sad and insane, Where is this Country Heading to, what society has decided to term as freedom might actually be the very thing that destroys this country.  Vienna College is a Mixed school, However in their social events it’s okay for Gay couples to ….SMKS256™ @KabungaSulah

Now you wanted them to do what??? 😂 They did not get party dates. Vienna first of its kind – ri. se. n🇺🇬 @risenlyric

The Vienna College Namugongo same-sex couple saga comes at a time when another school, King’s College Budo, is in a scandal after allegations that one of its male teachers sodomized a Senior Six student. (See Details Here).

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