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Video: Watch the moment Bodaboda riders rushed Katumba Wamala to Hospital to save him from bleeding to death


Outgoing works and transport minister Gen Edward Katumba Wamala was worried he could bleed to death and begged Bodaboda riders to rush him to any nearby health facility.

Following the morning shooting at Kisota Road, Bodaboda riders are seen ascertaining if Gen Wamala had survived.

When he finally emerges with a gun-wielding bodyguard, the general tells the Bodaboda men and other bystanders his body would soon run out of blood.

His shoulders were bleeding and his shirt was soaked in blood around the shoulder areas.

He would later ask which hospital the bodabodas wanted to rush him to, to which they responded: “Malcom.”

And he got onto the Bodaboda and was rushed off to the hospital, his bodyguard sitting behind him on the same motorcycle.

Here’s what Gen Katumba Wamala told his followers before Bukoto shooting

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