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VIDEO: Watch the Moment a Ugandan Police Officer Shot Dead an Indian Money Lender Before Abandoning Killer Gun at Kampala CPS

The moment Police Constable Ivan Wabwire shot Indian money lender Uttam Bandari dead

The actions of Police Constable (PC) Ivan Wabwire, the Ugandan security officer who shot and killed an Indian money lender, were captured by CCTV cameras in the office of TFS Financial Services located at Raja Chambers along Parliamentary Avenue in the capital Kampala, as well as those at the Central Police Station (CPS).

The TFS CCTV footage shows Wabwire standing in front of Uttam Bandari, the Manager of TFS Financial Services, before shooting at him. The police officer first attempted to spray bullets at a lady in a pink shawl but she successfully acted in time to run away from her seat.

The Police Constable then sprayed Bandari with bullets which killed him. Wabwire is then seen walking out of the scene as other staff run for their dear lives.

He returns shortly returns to the scene of the shooting, checks through papers at Bandari’s desk, shoots at his body before walking out with papers from the same desk.

In another CCTV footage, an officer said to be PC Wabwire is seen majestically walking into Kampala CPS where he reportedly abandoned his killer gun.

You can read more on this shooting Here.

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