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VIDEO: Watch House Erupt into Laughter as DS Thomas Tayebwa Jokes About Punishing Defiant MPs Attending ‘Immoral’ Nyege Nyege Festival

Thomas Tayebwa chairing plenary. Courtesy Photo

The issues discussed in Parliaments across the world are very serious matters of national importance. But once in a while, a submission from a member of the House elicits laughter, a much needed break from hard matters, sometimes. 

In recent days, one of the issues that Parliament of Uganda has been associated with is the Nyege Nyege Festival, which began on Thursday, September 15 and will end on Sunday, September 18, 2022 at the Itanda Falls in Jinja.

Speaker Anita Annet Among and her deputy Thomas Tayebwa take turns chairing plenary sessions, each steering the House for one week.

Last week, Speaker Among was presiding over the House and she whipped up a storm when she and fellow MPs ordered the cancellation of Nyege Nyege Festival, saying it was a hub of immorality.

But Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja would later overrule Parliament and give the organizers of the festival to continue with preparations.

Nyege Nyege Festival is ongoing after tough guidelines were set.

In Parliament, this week, Deputy Speaker and Ruhinda North MP Tayebwa chaired sittings.

In one of the sessions, Tayebwa threw MPs into laughter when he said that colleagues who defy Parliament’s position to attend Nyege Nyege Festival will land in trouble with him.

“The House passed a resolution against Nyege Nyege. If I come to know that any of you colleagues has attended Nyege Nyege, you will be in trouble,” said DS Tayebwa, struggling to contain laughter.

Meanwhile, former speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has blasted Parliament and its speaker Among, albeit in a veiled manner, for attempting to block Nyege Nyege Festival, saying doing so would affect the economy and interests of Busoga. (Read Story Here).

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