VIDEO: Tycoon Lwasa exposes Diana Nabatanzi for chewing his money but refusing selfies, says Kampala girls are wolves

Lwasa and Diana Nabatanzi. Courtesy Photos

Tycoon Emmanuel Kaweesa Lwasa has shared a video showing his ex-girlfriend Diana Nabatanzi warding off his camera to block an attempt to take a selfie.

Tycoon Lwasa says he is a hero because he has survived Kampala girls who he has termed ‘wolves.’

He said he had taken Nabatanzi on a trip and spent millions on her but she had denied him a selfie.

“[I’m also a hero]! As I took my best friend Diana for a business trip worth millions but couldn’t afford having with me a selfie worth nothing,” said Lwasa.

“As men, we also endure hardships. From me, every man should learn that Kampala girls are wolves. She told me ‘don’t shoot a video.”

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