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VIDEO: Shock as Ugandan TV Journalists are Suspended for ‘Passing Eyes Through’ Speaker Anita Among’s House in Satirical Namuganza Censure Video

Speaker Anita Annet Among

A pro-government television station in Uganda has suspended its morning show crew after a satirical video clip of journalists and presenters mocking the country’s parliament for censuring Housing Minister Persis Namuganza Princes went viral. 

Former NBS TV presenter Simon Muyanga Lutaaya and ex-Top TV show host Adam Kungu were some of those suspended by Baba TV Uganda. In the clip, Muyanga Lutaaya and Kungu took satire to another level when they praised MPs for turning up in large numbers to handle an issue of great national importance: the censure of Namuganza.

Adam Kungu Simon Muyanga Lutaaya suspended from Baba TV
At the extreme ends of the set are Adam Kungu and Simon Muyanga Lutaaya

The presenters satirically opined that now that Namuganza has been censured, all the country’s problems have been solved. What the team really sought to do was to tell Parliament that the censure of the Museveni minister, who also represents the people of Bukono Constituency in the 11th Parliament was not an issue of great national importance as the House’s presiding officers and MPs thought.

The crew’s female member made the satirical clip more piercing when she suggested that the censure of Namuganza now meant that MPs from the embattled minister’s Busoga sub-region had acted very wisely and exhibited great solidarity — by baying for the blood of one of their own.

Baba TV’s management has confirmed suspending the crew on its Gangamuka show after complaints from Parliament and the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), Uganda’s media regulator. According to the Luganda-Lusoga station, UCC and Parliament had complained that the satirical clip had demeaned the leadership of Parliament.

Speaker Anita Annet Among, the head of Uganda’s legislative arm of government, was at the centre of the controversy that culminated in the censure of Minister Namuganza at the start of this week.

“We have received complaints from some sections of Parliament of Uganda and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) in regard to a satirical clip by our Gangamuka Show crew a day after the censure of State Minister for Housing, Persis Namuganza. The complainants perceived the clip as demeaning, mocking and ridiculing the institution of Parliament, its leadership and the honorable members,” Baba TV Management said in a statement.

“As a station committed and accountable to its viewers, Management has since reviewed the show, and taken internal measures to avoid a repeat of the same in future, including suspending the crew.”

The station also issued an apology to Parliament, MPs and the Communications Commission. “We wish to apologize to the leadership of Parliament, the honorable Members and UCC,” its statement further read. “We give an assurance that BaBa Television is committed to remaining fair, impartial, independent and accountable.”

Suspended journalist Kungu confirmed his suspension from Baba TV but said he and fellow Gangamuka show crew members did not mean to demean Parliament. He has also apologized to Parliament.

“I have been suspended from BaBa TV over this clip relating to censure of Hon Namuganza. Apparently, it was perceived as ridiculing Parliament. I apologize to Rt Hons Anita Among and Thomas Tayebwa, and the MPs. There were no ill intentions and I didn’t intend to demean the House,” said Kungu. 

As we reported a few days ago, Ugandan MPs overwhelmingly censured Minister Namuganza in a vote conducted in a special sitting held on Monday. (See Details Here).

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