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VIDEO: Shock as Fearless FDC Woman MP ‘Overpowers’ President’s Men, Grabs Microphone & Tells Museveni the Bitter Truth

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni was left in shock at the weekend as a vocal Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) MP overpowered the handlers manning a security meeting for Lango and Acholi sub-region leaders to address him. 

Museveni met political, religious and security leaders of the Lango and Acholi sub-regions at Baralege State Lodge to discuss ways of improving security in Northern Uganda. Among other things, the leaders discussed the gaps which criminal elements from neighbouring Karamoja have exploited to engage in cattle theft in Acholi and Lango.

While those presiding over the event did not reportedly want Dokolo District Woman MP Cecilia Atim Ogwal to speak at the event, the FDC MP insisted she must address the president.

VIDEO: Shock as Fearless FDC Woman MP Overpowers President's Men, Grabs Microphone & Tells Museveni the Bitter Truth
Cecilia Ogwal and President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni

Cecilia Ogwal marched to the microphone, asserted herself and the president signaled to  those directing the meeting to leave the politician from Dokolo to speak.

With the microphone in her hands, Ogwal scoffed at those who had hindered her by denying her the right to speak to the president.

She then told the president that those who were blocking her from speaking do not want to tell him the truth because they fear losing their jobs.

Ogwal went on to tell the president that he had always been accusing her and the opposition of not giving him credit where it is due. The vocal and long-time legislator added that the president begins on some good projects only for these to fail and make him discredited by his critics.

She then saluted Gen Museveni for choosing a female vice president (Jessica Alupo) and prime minister (Robinah Nabbanja). Ogwal said the president deserves credit for elevating women, and that credit should be given where it is due.

The FDC MP further told the president to carefully study the issue of child mothers and early marriages and come up with a plan on how to address the issue.

Ogwal even joked that the men who had blocked her from addressing the president were some of those responsible for teenage pregnancies.

The fearless veteran FDC MP has previously told Museveni to stop mortgaging the future of her grandchildren. (Read Story Here).

Watch more of what Ogwal told Museveni in the video here:

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