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VIDEO: ‘President Sick with Cancer but Pretends; Must Hand Over to a Young Leader or He’ll Die in Power & There will be Chaos’ — Prophecy


A famous Zimbabwean prophet has predicted that an elderly is suffering with cancer, which is in advanced stages, and will die in power, leaving behind a chaotic power struggle if he doesn’t work on a clear and acceptable succession plan.

Ian Ndlovu of Divine Kingdom Baptist Ministries says he saw the leader seriously ill in a vision

“The leader was not still, he was fidgeting. All of a sudden, this leader collapsed,” Prophet Ndlovu told his congregation.

“This vision means that there is a prominent African leader who is not feeling well at the moment. He needs urgent medical attention, rest and recovery.”

According to the prophet, the said leader has been in power for over two decades, and is now “seriously ill but when he appears in public he pretends.”

Ian Ndlovu

Ndlovu described the leader he was talking about as “a dictator who covers himself with fig leaves of elections.”

“One of the sicknesses that he has is prostate cancer. The prostate has enlarged,” he said, added that the cancer was starting to spread to the whole body.

The man of God went on to say that God wants the said leader to leave now and let a younger politician take the country forward.

The prophet said that while the said leader had his preferred successor, there would be a bruising fight for power in the transition period from the strongman.

“It’s not the will of God that this particular leader dies on his job. He should hand over power to someone who is relatively younger and stronger,” Ndlovu prophesied.

“He has got his own thoughts about who should succeed him but his thoughts will not prevail. There are many other people who are waiting in the shadows.”

He added: “I have seen a very serious fight for power but if he prepares his succession before he is pushed out by nature from the seat of power, there will be a stable transition of power.”

Although Ndlovu did not mention the leader’s name. The list of Africa’s longest serving leaders includes: Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea (42 years in power), Paul Biya of Cameroon (39 years), Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo Republic (37 years), Yoweri Museveni of Uganda (36 years), King Mswati III of eSWATINI (35 years), and Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea (28 years).

Prophet Ndlovu was the man who foretold Tanzanian President Magufuli’s death two years before it happened. (Read story here).

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