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VIDEO: Pastor Irene Manjeri Narrates How She Went to Heaven, Held Meeting with God for Two Hours


Bethel Healing Centre Church lead Pastor Irene Manjeri has spoken out on her life, revealing how God called her into ministry, how she went to heaven where she spent two hours with Jesus and the angels.

During an interview with NTV Mwasuze Mutya host Faridah Nakazibwe, Pastor Manjeri narrated how God called her to serve Him at a young age, making her a point of attention in her area.

“I built a church at the age of 15. I was able to do this because people were giving me money for my ministry. I would later develop the church even more after I travelled abroad,” she narrated.

“Our church is called Healing Centre because I used to pray for people to heal from various ailments.  This was after my revelation.”

Manjeri further narrated how God taught her to speak all languages (including English) fluently.

She further revealed that she had spent just over two hours in heaven and that those around her hand indeed realized that she had had a divine encounter.

That in heaven, she had beheld a beauty unseen before and felt like she didn’t want to return to the world. But she had a divine assignment to fulfill.

She also talked of the poverty her family faced. Her past experience inspires her to give to the needy.

“It makes me happy to help people. The street children call me Mama because I give them some money. They even know that whenever I come from overseas, I give them money,” said Manjeri.

On her experience when she first traveled abroad, Manjeri said: “The first time I travelled abroad in the 90s, I had to figure things out myself. I was seeing a lot of things for the first time. I fell down on an escalator. I had never seen apples. The villager in me was on hyperdrive.”

Currently facing a storm in her marriage, the pastor sought sympathy.

“If your marriage is good, please have sympathy for us who are in a different situation.”

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