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VIDEO: NUP MP Bashir Kazibwe Speaks Out on ‘Tweets Exposing Bobi Wine’

Kawempe South MP Bashir Kazibwe Mbaziira has spoken out on a string of tweets in which he appeared to expose his National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. The tweets quickly made Kazibwe trend on micro-blogging site Twitter. 

To help our readers understand why the tweets went viral, here he produce some of what was published on Bashir Kazibwe Mbaziira’s handle:

We all know Kyagulanyi sells drugs and also was selling marijuana ask yourself if he was really opposition why wasn’t he put behind bars???? He was selling drugs ans marijuana and locals.know where his marijuana farm is. Why do you think no one could touch him??

Ask yourself where he got all that wealth and his colleagues Chameleon and Bebe cool were still struggling yet at that time Chameleon was the most selling artist. These are all facts ask anyone who marijuana they even claim Kyagulanyi’ marijuana is the best.

This is all public knowledge.

Ask Kyagulanyi to give you his admission letter into Havard and also give you his medical report on his claimed torture all that was fake it was just a sympathy card to scatter votes and make Besigye unpopular.

Remember the protests before elections ask yourself why there are no more demonstrations. Remember during @kizzabesigye1  even after elections he would never give up and he was a real threat to the government but look at NUP they are having luxurious weddings ask yourself where the money comes from and I  feel bad for the many youth that died because of the so called struggle.

Kizza Besigye was the real opposition right now we have no opposition all opposition parties are for the NRM they are diversions to make you think we have Democracy and when you question them they tarnish your name and character-assassinate and say salim saleh sponsored your campaigns that’s the same thing they are doing to Erias Lukwago and wait they will make you believe he ate.

Do you know why Kyagulanyi joined politics???? Here is the story Rubongoya was in the NRM at first as we all know then Rwabogo proposed to Mzee that they needed to get someone to confuse the opposition someone sellable.

Bobi Wine fit the description because he was from the Ghetto and the youth would easily support him. That’s when you saw Bobi Wine going to Havard on state house sponsorship ask yourself how he got into Havard ?? We all know he did a bachelors in MMD and even graduated with a pass degree and he was a very poor performer in class.

He was admitted in Havard through the contacts from state house so that people would think he is transformed and educated tell him to show you his Havard results you will be disappointed. Then he went contested as an MP and he won.

Remember when he said he wanted to run for presidency no one supported him most especially the elite class even that saga in area was just planned even him being imprisoned was just planned so that he could get popularity from masses if you think its fake let him show you any report he was just acting in order to get sympathy from Ugandans yet in actual sense he was a diversion. After he got international recognition that’s when he cut ties with Rwabogo and he got immunity that’s why you see government can’t touch him at all because he grew Stronger and he realised he could make a lot of money from the western world because they wanted him to seize power and give them access to oil and legalise same sex marriage and I am going to show you how much homosexuals are giving him to advocate for their rights.

But Mbaziira has dismissed the tweets as false, not authored by him but rather by a group of hackers who gained access to his account with the intention of tarnishing his image. He has since vowed to liaise with security officers to ensure that the hackers are brought to book.

“Dear colleagues and friends , my Twitter account (Mbaziira Kazibwe) was hacked into by unknown people. I am NOT in any way having access to this account. For those that have keenly followed me, you will realise I am not the kind of person who can write or make such postings as shared on that account that goes by my names,” he wrote in a statement.

“Treat all postings there on with utmost contempt. My technical support team is doing everything humanly possible to remedy this very unfortunate incident.”


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