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Video: Kenyan ‘prophet’ says God still wants Museveni to rule Uganda, and he’ll win whether the majority love him or not

Self-styled Kenyan prophet Apostle Peter Morwabe of Gospel Embassy Chapel says God still wants 76-year-old Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni to rule for the interest of the East African region, the African continent and all the Black People worldwide.

In a message to Uganda, Apostle Morwabe reminded Ugandans that God’s interest in the landlocked impoverished East African nation would be fulfilled despite their opinion of the man who has been at the helm since 1986.

He juxtaposed the Ugandans vs Museveni scenario with the Saul vs Samuel scenario in the Bible.

“God’s interest is always different from [that] of the majority of the people. You remember in Israel: God wanted Samuel to keep ruling but Israelites wanted King Saul, God had to give in and allowed them to have King Saul,” Morwabe said.

“But in the case of Uganda, I see that God still has interest in His Excellency president Yoweri Museveni.”

Apostle Morwabe also noted that God’s preference of Museveni to opposition leaders was based on his role in the liberation of Black people.

“I might not know what the majority of Ugandans want because I am not a Ugandan myself, I don’t stay in Uganda but I want to tell the Ugandans that God has interest in President Museveni, not primarily because of Ugandans but because of East Africans and because of Africans and all the Black People living all over the world,” submitted the man of God.

Video: Kenyan ‘prophet’ says God still wants Museveni to rule Uganda, and he’ll win whether the majority love him or not

He further claimed God was yet to give a chance to opposition politicians, like youthful singer-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, to ascend to the throne.

“While Bobi Wine and the rest are very good people, I am seeing a possibility where God may not give them a chance to rule in Uganda at the moment,” he continued.

“In the next election, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is likely to continue ruling, not because many Ugandans Ugandans love the idea but because Ugandans must understand that Uganda is not without a God.”

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