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VIDEO: Kabaka’s ‘Health Condition’ Worries His Subjects

Kabaka addressing his subjects

A number of subjects of Buganda Kingdom’s monarch Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II have expressed concern over his health condition. 

A few weeks ago, there were reports that the Kabaka had been flown abroad for medical treatment. The reports carried by a leading tabloid claimed that the Kabaka had spent about a month outside the country to allow doctors time to make reviews on his treatment.

Around April 2022, the Kabaka flew to Europe for medical reviews and official kingdom duties. Following the king’s return, kingdom prime minister Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga told the kabaka’s subjects that Mutebi was “healthy and reigning over his kingdom.”

But when he made an address as Buganda Kingdom celebrated its ‘Independence Day’ (which is the Community Work Day) on October 08, 2022, a number of his subjects were concerned about his condition.

Some people commented that the king needed urgent and specialized treatment for whatever condition they think he is suffering from while others, as has been the case, started blaming the king’s suspected illness on certain officials at Mengo and in the central government.

Yet other subjects were worried about the king’s health, vowing to keep putting him in their prayers so that God would heal him from whatever is troubling him.

Some of the comments from Twitter below:

But really kabaka may the good Lord see you through in whatever is bothering you.  This is so disturbing.Sumaiya Sumie @Her_seleffu

Ohh the king is how? God please protect ssaabasajjaVanisha jjuuko @VanishaJjuuko

For sure king you are not well but we pray u get betterVINCENT. M @VINCENT84632924

PL this is not our king Sseruwagi Levis @LevisSseruwagi

No weapon formed against my king shall prosper, wangala ayi Bbene. – Segawa David @SegawaDavid6

Kabaka takyaali ntende! There is something wrong – Dr Smile @Excnur1Excnur

Photos and videos from Lubiri Mengo as shared online showed the Kabaka appearing weak and seemed to have lost weight. He also appeared older than he has always appeared.

But the king did not look as unhealthy as he did in April 2021. In fact, compared to then, his health has greatly improved.

Kabaka addressing his subjects
Kabaka addressing his subjects in 2022
Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi sick. Buganda reportedly suffering from throat cancer
Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi in 2021

The health of the Buganda king has in recent years been an issue of interest not only to the Kabaka’s subjects, Mengo officials but also to the central government. In 2020, President Museveni ordered the arrest of social media users who spread lies that the Kabaka was sick and as other went to the extent of saying that he was dead. (Read Story Here).

Last year, there was shock as the Kabaka appeared in public for his 66th birthday appearing sick and frail. (Read Story Here).

There was also noise as some people claimed that the cake baked for the Kabaka’s 66th birthday was shaped like a coffin. (Read Story Here).

Katikkiro Mayiga would later come out to reveal to Baganda the disease that was disturbing the Kabaka. (See Details Here).

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