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VIDEO: Flavia Tumusiime Says ‘Let the Man Make Mistakes’ & ‘Trust the Process’

VIDEO: Flavia Tumusiime Says 'Let the Man Make Mistakes' & 'Trust the Process'
Flavia Tumusiime and husband Andrew Kabuura. Courtesy Photos

Capital FM AM-PM presenter Flavia Tumusiime may be trending over allegations that her husband Andrew Kabuura cheated on her with French Embassy official Mercy Twinomujuni, but the gorgeous media personality has for long offered great relationship advice.

Flavia Tumusiime believes that partners should trust the process and stop getting mad at their spouses for making mistakes.

One of those mistakes might be cheating — like Kabuura is said to have done, at least according to leaked screenshots shared online.

The beautiful Flavia Tumusiime, whose response to Kabuura’s cheating allegations was an ‘I’m not bothered’ button, believes some of the bad habits are part of growing up — maturing.

And consequently, she says, one outgrows them.

In the following video, Flavia Tumusiime explains the importance of letting your partner make his or her mistakes and trusting the process of growth and the journey to maturity.

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