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VIDEO: Andrew Mwenda Eats Kitalya Prisoner’s ‘Delicious’ Lunch; Demands Room at Facility

Mwenda prison food

Veteran journalist and commentator Andrew Mwenda says the food serve to inmates at Kitalya Prison is delicious. 

During Mwenda’s visit to the facility, he ate the prisoner’s lunch of posho and beans, praising prison authorities for feeding inmates well.

The controversial commentator said he was even contemplating booking a room at the prison.

He went on to say that the inmates were lucky to be served such delicious food which many wretched Ugandans can only dream about.

Mwenda went ahead to praise Uganda Prisons Service Commissioner General Dr John Byabashaija for his role in improving conditions in the country’s rehabilitation centres.

After sharing the video of himself eating the prisoner’s lunch, Mwenda was told off by some of his social media followers who accused him of selling pro-government propaganda.

Watch video…

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