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VIDEO: All you need to know about DR Congo’s Mount Nyiragongo Volcano Eruption

VIDEO: All you need to know about DR Congo's Mount Nyiragongo Volcano Eruption

Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) based Mount Nyiragongo Volcano erupted Saturday evening after almost two decades since it threw hot and firey lava.

Located in the Eastern part of DR Congo, Mount Nyiragongo remains one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

When it last erupted in January 2002, it left hundreds dead and thousands displaced.

As was the last time, the city of Goma was affected by the eruption.

The sky in the city turned red, causing fears the the dwellers as death seemed near with this fury of nature.

And the smell of sulphur that filled the air and streets reminded the locals of the smell of death and destruction that has characterized previous eruptions.

Lava spewed to Goma’s airport.

With the affected area close to the DR Congo-Rwanda border, some Goma residents fled for their lives.

Some sought refuge in the neigboring areas of Rwanda.

Local authorities had urged people to run to safety from the eruption.

A few hours ago, Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) reported that “the Nyiragongo volcano eruption appears to subside” and that “some of the Goma, DRC residents who had fled to Rwanda are returning home.”

DR Congo Mount Nyiragongo volcano erupts. Courtesy video

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