UPDATED LIST: See Salary Structure for All Government Workers

Public Service minister Muruli Mukasa. Courtesy Photo

Despite promises for increment of salaries, public servants will have to wait a little longer to have their salaries boosted since Ministry of Public Service made it clear there won’t be a pay raise in the current financial year.

Now, the official salary structure for civil servants for the Financial Year 2021/2022 shows how much staff in different categories and salary scales will be earning.

The negative impact of Covid19 means that the economy is under stress and that government will have to defer all pay increment until recovery.

In the current financial year, government will spent Shs5.5tn on the wage bill.

The pay raises from the previous financial year have seen the wage bill increase by seven per cent, equivalent to Shs374bn.

According to the Minister of Public Service Muruuli Mukasa, no government worker will have their salary enhanced or increased in the next 12 months largely because of the globally-felt financial constraints Covid-19 has imposed on Uganda’s economy.

Check out the official salary structure for civil servants for the 2021/2022 financial year.

You can download the entire circular showing how much each category of government employees earns here:   Salary Structure for All Government Workers

Check out how much government has been increasing civil servants’ salaries and how much it plans to raise the salaries for all its employees in the next financial year here.

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