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UPDATE ON PRESIDENT’S SICKNESS: Museveni’s Personal Doctor Breaks Silence on His Current Health Condition

Museveni in self isolation over Covid19

Ugandan President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s long time personal doctor has explained the elderly leader’s health condition – talking about the level of seriousness of the president’s sickness – as he continues with his sick leave.

Museveni was diagnosed with Covid19 on Wednesday, June 07, 2023, hours after he delivered the state of the nation address at the Kololo Independence Grounds.

He then announced he was going on sick leave and self-isolating to avoid spreading the deadly viral disease to other people.

He delegated Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja as acting president since Vice President Jessica Alupo was representing Uganda at the COMESA summit in Lusaka, Zambia.

The person at the forefront of treating President Museveni during this time of his sickness is his long time personal doctor and Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr Diana Atwine.

In one of her visits to Museveni’s ‘sickbay,’ Dr Atwine sought to explain to the president the level of seriousness of his Covid19 condition.

Atwine then told Museveni that his Covid19 was mild and that he would need vitamins and drugs which treat allergic rhinitis, common cold, influenza, and other allergies.

“According to my longtime doctor, Diana Atwiine, this is a mild case and should be managed conservatively by using vitamin C, other vitamins, especially –D and some anti-histamines,” revealed Museveni.

“’What are the other cases described as?’ I asked Dr. Atwiine. The other cases could be described as: moderate or severe. These according to her, need different interventions.”

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