Who Exactly Is Juan Guaido, The 'wrong' Venezuela President Bobi Wine Held Talks With? - The Pearl Times Who Exactly Is Juan Guaido, The 'wrong' Venezuela President Bobi Wine Held Talks With? - The Pearl Times

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Who exactly is Juan Guaido, the ‘wrong’ Venezuela president Bobi Wine held talks with?

Bobi Wine and Juan Guaido. Courtesy Photos

National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been the subject of social media debate after he said he was honored to met ‘wrong’ Venezuela president Juan Guaido.

Bobi Wine has since pulled down social media posts about the Zoom meeting with Guaido.

So, who exactly is Juan Guaido?

Here’s a look at his life and times, so far:

Real name: Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez

Date of birth: July 28, 1983

Place of birth: La Guaira, Venezuela

Parents: Pilot Wilmer and Teacher Norka Guaido

2000: Earned a diploma in 2000

2007: Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering (Andres Hello Catholic University)

2007: Led protests against renewal of RCTV broadcasting license and engaged in protests against Chavez constitutional reforms

Postgraduate qualifications from George Washington University and Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracion.

Wife: Journalist Fabiana Rosales

2009: One of the founders of Popular Will Political party

2010: Elected alternate national deputy in parliamentary elections

2014: Popular Will national coordinator

2015: Went on hunger strike demanding parliamentary elections roadmap

2015: Won full National Assembly seat representing Vargas

2017: Named head of National Assembly Comptroller’s Commission

2018: Named leader of opposition and majority in National Assembly

2019: Jailed Main opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez named Guiado Popular Will party leader

January 2019: National Assembly declared Guaido acting president

EU, US and Britain recognize Guaido as rightful Venezuela president

December 2020: Guaido loses National Assembly leader role in parliamentary elections

January 2021: EU stops recognizing Guaido as acting Venezuela president

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