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United Forces Brigade: FDC unveils team to protect 2021 votes

Habib Buwembo and a member of the United Forces Brigade, a voter protection unit of the FDC dress Stella Nyanzi. Courtesy Photo

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has commissioned its first batch of United Forces Brigade, a group of youths to guard against the rigging of its 2021 votes in Kampala.

Kampala Woman MP aspirant Dr Stella Nyanzi officiated at the event to launch the Rubaga United Forces Brigade at Mutundwe in Kampala’s Rubaga Division.

Nyanzi is seeking the FDC’s flag to replace Nabilah Naggayi Sempala who said she will be seeking election for Kampala mayor.

The FDC has severally complained of electoral malpractices, which it says are responsible for loss in elections.

Previous attempts at voter protection didn’t yield much as security operatives overwhelmed party loyalists keen on safeguarding votes.

Activist Habib Buwembo, the head of the Kampala voter protection team (United Forces Brigade), said each Kampala Division will have at least 2,000 FDC members to protect the party’s votes.

Habib Buwembo of vote protection group Lubaga United Forces Brigade
Habib Buwembo of vote protection group Lubaga United Forces Brigade. Courtesy Photo

“We have started with Rubaga United Forces Brigade, but the recruitment exercise will run in other remaining Divisions across Kampala to ensure that we fulfill our mission,” he said.

Nyanzi pledged support for the brigade, vowing to speak truth to power with ‘bullets from my tongue’ as a ‘peace-loving Ugandan.’

“The good thing we do not have guns, our fight will be verbal. I will be speaking to scare away those who think they can take away our right to a free and fair election,” Nyanzi said.

Nyanzi called on other divisions of Kampala to emulate the Rubaga United Forces Brigade and form vote protection units.

Nyanzi and Buwembo have picked the voter protection brigade’s name from the label of the the loose opposition coalition United Forces of Change.

United Forces of Change includes opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye’s People’s Government (PG), Bobi Wine’s People Power and other political groups.

According to Besigye, the United Forces of Change alliance with Bobi Wine and others is not about the 2021 election.

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