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UNBELIEVABLE! Ex-NSSF Boss Chandi Jamwa Speaks Out after Leaving Prison on Museveni Pardon

Convicted Defilers Dominate List of Prisoners Pardoned by Museveni

Chandi Jamwa speaking after his release from prison. Courtesy Photo

David Chandi Jamwa, the former Managing Director of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), is out of prison after President Yoweri Museveni pardoned him.

Acting on an instrument on prerogative of mercy, Uganda Prisons Service (UPS) has acted to release 13 prisoners, including Jamwa and dominated by defilers.


Name Offence Sentence
David Chandi Jamwa Causing financial loss 12 years
Vincent Ntale Defilement 4 and a half years
Nelson Drabo Defilement 20 years
James Omirambe Defilement 6 years
Samuel Aliama Defilement 3 years
Francis Leku Defilement 3 years
Joseph Kabila Defilement 3 years
Yoha Ayitia alias Samu Defilement 4 years
Fred Kato (Not Kajubi) Defilement 7 years
Zakaria Okello Defilement 5 years
Joseph Nono Defilement 5 years
Jackson Owino Manslaughter 6 years
John Mesach Ouma Defilement 7 years


In 2011, court sentenced Jamwa to 12 years in jail for causing financial loss to Government of Uganda. Court found Jamwa guilty of causing Shs3bn in losses to the NSSF over the premature sale of treasury bonds to Crane Bank, now defunct.

Although UPS spokesperson Frank Baine Mayanja said Museveni had granted the pardon to the 13 on “public health and humanitarian grounds,” gender and anti-corruption activists are complaining about the president’s release to convicted corrupt officials and defilers.


Speaking out after his release, Jamwa praised Museveni for being magnanimous, and for using the prerogative of mercy as provided for in 121 (4) (a) of the 1995 constitution to pardon him.

 “I’m very grateful to the president Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa for his magnanimity, his benelovence, his kindness, his sympathy and mercy. I continue thanking him and the establishment for ending my nightmare. It was surreal. It came as a  surprise but good news,” said Jamwa.

He added that his prison experience had been “difficult” but “character building.”

“There’s two sides to that coin. It’s an experience that changes you, changes you for the better. I thank God for keeping me alive.”

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