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Ex-UK legislator wants international community to force Museveni out of office, organize fresh elections

Museveni and Stockton South MP Paul Williams. Courtesy Photos

A former member of the UK Parliament has urged his country’s government and the international community to isolate Uganda’s president-elect Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, remove him from power and organise fresh elections.

Museveni, 76, won a five-year term, according to results from the January 14 presidential election as released by the Electoral Commission (EC).

He polled 58 per cent of just over 10 million votes while his main challenger Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine managed 35 per cent.

Bobi Wine has challenged the outcome of the poll. The Supreme Court is expected to deliver its judgement on March 18.

But the UK has raised concerns about the election, particularly about claims of human rights violation against opposition politicians and supporters.

This week, James Duddridge, the undersecretary of state for Africa, told the House of Commons that the UK government had cut security aid to Uganda.

But Paul Williams, the former Stockton South constituency MP, told the House after the sitting the aid cuts weren’t enough.

Paul Williams. Courtesy Photo

Williams described the aid freeze as largely symbolic gestures, calling for an isolationist policy against the Museveni administration.

“The international community should be isolating President Museveni for his actions. Instead the UK is making largely symbolic gestures,” ex-MP Williams tweeted.

“It’s time for the UK, US, EU and AU to join the millions of Ugandans who voted for change and say enough is enough.”

He urged the world to force Museveni out, through biting sanctions, to pave way for fresh elections.

”We should be calling for Museveni to step down and for truly independent elections to be run in a free and fair climate so that the will of the people of Uganda can be heard,” he further wrote on Twitter..

“Until that happens all military, development and other co-operation and support should cease.”

This is not the first time Williams has castigated Museveni and Kampala. He has severally called for sanctions against the president and country in recent years.

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