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Ugandans roast Stella Nyanzi for running abroad to have fun with homosexuals


Controversial academic and politician Dr Stella Nyanzi is on the spot after Ugandans accused her of running away from a Covid19 lockdown to spend time with homosexuals abroad.

While President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni was announcing a total lockdown over Uganda on June 18, Dr Stella Nyanzi was aboard a KLM flight to Amsterdam.

She has since shared photos showing her with her host family.

“Eyo gyemubelera mu lockdown, Ffe tubera mu kunywa ka wayini [While you are in lockdown in Uganda, for us we are sipping at wine],” wrote Nyanzi.

“It is wonderful to be sandwiched between two wonderful men drinking wine from a glass. It is wonderful to be cooked for by two gentle men with class. It is wonderful to simply sit down, talk about anything and laugh with two men. It is wonderful to be loved and spoiled and welcomed by two handsome men. I love my life.”

Social media followers have claimed the host family comprises two homosexuals they saw in the pictures shared.

But Stella Nyanzi appeared to dismiss claims the men are homosexuals.

Here are some of the comments:

Heartbroken Stella Nyanzi gives up on people, ‘falls in love with handsome dog Freddie’

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