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#UCE2023: Here’s How Parents, Candidates & Schools Can Access, Download or Collect Full UCE 2023 Results

SMS Method Instantly Helps Candidates Access UCE 2023 results

Uneb executive director and secretary Dan Odongo, educatoion minister Janet Museveni and Uneb chairperson Prof Celestino Obua

Education Minister Janet Museveni and Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) have released UCE 2023 results.

Candidates, their parents or guardians and school teachers can access individual candidate’s UCE 2023 results via SMS following the official release at State House Nakasero.


Since print copies of results may not be available at the moment, parents, candidates, and guardians are advised to use the Short Messaging Service (SMS) on mobile networks.

These networks, specifically MTN and Airtel will instantly post results of candidates on their mobile sets.

Parents, guardians and candidates can do this by simply typing UCE <SPACE> Full Student Index Number E.g UCE U0123/001. This can be sent to 6600 on telecom networks, MTN and Airtel. At a cost of Shs500 per SMS, one will receive UCE 2023 results for each candidate.


Uneb is expected to upload results of schools on the examination centre Portals. This is to enable each school to download its results and share with candidates and parents.

Collection of hard results of copies is expected in a few days.

You can see the full briefing of UCE 2023 performance by subject and gender Here.

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