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UCC speaks out on claims of blocking internet ahead of elections, says slow internet due to increase in traffic

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has denied blocking access to internet channels ahead of January 14 elections.

A day to elections, Ugandans have reported disruption in internet access, with some claiming blocked Facebook and Whatsapp access features.

But UCC spokesperson Ibrahim Bbosa says “there is no such directive to switch off the internet during elections.”

Ibrahim Bbosa
Ibrahim Bbosa. Courtesy Photo

“If there are instances of misuse, the means of communication may be restricted. As we speak, we are watching the ecosystem,” Bbosa told NBS on January 12.

“The slow internet could a result of too much traffic online because many people around the world are interested in the elections. So far, there is no directive to remove the internet.”

He was optimistic UCC would not get to a situation where the internet would have to be blocked.

“There are situations where the states have been forced to block the internet during elections. We hope we don’t get there.”

He reiterated that no communication channel would be allowed to announce election results, and urged people to verify information they access online.

“When it comes to results, remember it is only the EC responsible for final results. Traditional media can then deliver,” Bbosa said.

“Not everything you see on social media is correct. Where there are security concerns on disinformation and misinformation, there may be measures.”

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