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Tycoon Lwasa spills ex-lover Dianah Nabatanzi bedroom secrets as he opens up on adult video

Lwasa and Diana Nabatanzi. Tycoon Lwasa Brags: My ‘Small Cassava’ has Shattered Many ‘Sumbies’
Lwasa and Diana Nabatanzi. Courtesy Photos

Controversial tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has spoken out on an adult video that allegedly showed BBS TV presenter Dianah Nabatanzi ‘enjoying her forbidden fruit being harvested.’

The video that went viral on social media raised debate on whether the woman in the recording was really Dianah Nabatanzi or not.

While it looked like a clip from an adult content site in Nigeria, Lwasa insisted the woman in the video was his ex-lover Dianah Nabatanzi.

Lwasa has consistently thrown jabs at Dianah Nabatanzi since the two separated.

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In a recent interview with a local television station, Lwasa used the video to spill more of Dianah Nabatanzi’s bedroom secrets.

He claimed Dianah Nabatanzi easily gets lost in love that she forgets to close the doors and windows when she wants a man ‘to chew her sumbie.’

“I’m completely sure that was Nabatanzi in the video. I saw she got married to a new man and maybe when they went to please themselves, they forgot to close the door and got filmed,” claimed Lwasa.

“I know those are her behaviors and more is yet to come out.”

He further alleged Diana Nabatanzi always blacked out during the act.

“When I watched the video, I saw the lady in it fainting just like Nabatanzi used to do when she became hyper in the bedroom. I’m glad that this video has come out when I had already moved on and married, otherwise I would have fainted.”

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