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Tycoon Lwasa Reveals Next Move as He Explains Why His Relationship With Angel Ended in Tears

Angel Candy Kwankunda, former wife to tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa. Courtesy Photo

Months ago, the relationship between tycoon Emmanuel Kaweesa Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda were the talk of town — they still are, but this time for their breakup. 

Lwasa had dumped TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi whom she accused of failing to produce children for him. (Read Story Here).

Angel was the new girl in town — at least in Lwasa’s world. The tycoon and his new woman were pictured at events, enjoying the love and warmth that appeared between them. (Read Story Here).

Along the way, something came up: a video believed to show Lwasa’s ‘small cassava.’ (Read Story Here).

In fact, when the news that Angel was cheating on Lwasa with a media personality, some people argued that Angel need a long experienced broom that would give her great satisfaction.

And, yes, Lwasa has confirmed that Angel broke up with him.

Reports claim that Angel and Lwasa broke up months ago over unfaithfulness on both sides.

It is also said that that Angel left the relationship with a Brand new Harrier Kawundo in her names, Shs74m, including monies from Club Tavern Kick-Masaka.

According to Lwasa, his relationship with Angel failed because the woman was just “a villager.”

“She was too local and getting that village-ish behavior from her was not easy. She was seeing money and everything for the first time. She was so uncontrollable because of the excitement,” Lwasa said.

But the tycoon was happy that Angel had been his woman for about a year.

He now plans to get another woman, and focus on making more money.

Lwasa also says that the few millions that Angel went away with are just a drop in the ocean and that he is still so rich.

It should be remembered that Lwasa was recently detained over a fake gold deal but later resolved the issue. (Read Story Here).

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