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Tumwebaze: Haters throwing mud at Aceng have weak minds

Minister Frank Tumwebaze. Courtesy Photo

Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, says people who seek to bring down rising and successful people like Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng have weak minds.

On July 12, Minister Aceng issued a clarification on the Lira procession which many critics believed was a political rally. Aceng recently announced her intention to contest for the Lira Woman MP seat.

But some rejected her statement in which she said the people were excited to see her and become uncontrollable, hence the lack of social distance.

A video showed Aceng in a procession where her supporters sang her praises, while photos showed Aceng addressing a group of people, with no masks on, and no social distance observed.

Former special presidential assistant on research and information Morrison Rwakakamba said he believed Aceng’s statement.

But he suggested there could be a group within and outside the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) fighting Aceng to stop her from rising.

“I am sure you are physically and mentally prepared to push back the mud throwers  from within and outside your political party,” wrote Rwakakamba.

“They have just started. They won’t stop until you win and win them over!”

Aceng has been the face of the fight against Covid19 and had received credit to ensuring that the disease doesn’t kill Ugandans.

Although Covid19 cases have risen to over 1,000, the country has registered no death. The number of active cases has been kept in check.

As of July 13, a total of 977 of the 1,029 patients had recovered.

Minister Tumwebaze believes that while it was possible for Aceng to triumph over her detractors, winning over them was neither key nor a walk in the park because they are jealous and weak-minded.

He advised his fellow Minister to ignore such distractions and keep her eyes on the ball.

“Winning them yes but winning over the mud throwers may not be easy or important. They are weak minds and always get bothered with a very step of success you make,” Tumwebaze wrote.

“What matters is staying the course of progress and refusing to be diverted. Minister Jane Aceng represents progress and strong minds.”

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