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TROUBLE IN PARADISE! See How Heartbroken Ugandan Men are Punishing Their Wives & Children after Shocking DNA Test Results

DNA test

The rate at which Ugandan men are being disappointed by DNA test results is alarming and it might soon hit crisis levels.

And besides being shocked by the results, men are taking some rather punitive steps to teach their wives lessons. The issue is largely becoming a security matter.

In recent months, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, under which the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) and the Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory (DGAL), has registered a rise in the number of men seeking DNA tests to confirm the paternity of their children.

After being disappointed by the results, some men have moved to stripe their children and wives of the benefits they enjoyed before the heartbreaking results.

According to DCIC Spokesperson Simon Peter Mundeyi, a total of 32 men have written to DCIC, instructing the directorate to recall ‘their children’s’ passports.

The men had injected money in acquiring passports for their children and wives but now want these cancelled.

They also want their names removed from the official records of the children’s details as they appear on national IDs, passports and other official documents.

DCIC has since advised these disappointed men to go to the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) for the change of details on their children’s IDs and their national database.

Recently, a city tycoon was left in tears after DNA test results confirmed that he was not the biological father of 11 of ‘his children.’ (See Details Here).

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