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TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga, Wife Summoned Over Shs5bn Debt

Pastors Eva and Jackson Ssenyonga

There is trouble in the paradise of Christian Life Church lead Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga and his wife Eva after court summoned them to appear and defend themselves in a case in which they are accused of defaulting Shs5bn arising from supplies to their church. 

A businessman named Nathan Bisaso sued the Makerere-Kavule-based church’s pastor and his wife for breach of contract for supply of goods.

According to Bisaso, Ssenyonga and Eva signed a contract with him to supply goods. He further The businessman has further told court that as of 2014, he has supplied goods worth Shs5.27bn.

That it was then that his troubles with the city pastors started. Bisaso claims that the Ssenyongas “adamantly ignored” him and refused to fulfill their contractual obligations: paying for the goods supplied.

It has also been established that sometime in September 2016, the two parties — the Ssenyongas on one side and Bisaso on the other, agreed that the pastors clear all the money the businessman was demanding.

But Bisaso has told court that they only paid him Shs270m, and are yet to clear the balance of Shs5bn. That even when the businessman reminded the servants of God to clear his balance, they gave him deaf ears and totally disregarded the agreement they had signed with him.

It has also emerged that the Ssenyongas had caused a transfer of some of their properties, including Kyaggwe block 100, plots numbers 29, 46, 152, 156, 157 and 158 into the names of Pathways Investment Limited as a way of securing the money to clear Bisaso.

But it was not clear if they secured these funds and what they used the same for if they didn’t pay Bisaso.

According to their defence, Eva and Jackson Ssenyonga agree that Bisaso lent them money. They put the figure at Shs800m. But they claim that no goods were sold to them. According to them, Bisaso, who by 2013 had no license to lend money, lied that he had sold them gods as a way of eluding the long arm of the law.

On why they failed to repay the money extended to them, the duo claims that Bisaso charged them an exorbitant interest rate of 20 per cent. The interest rate made the total amount they had to pay accumulate to Shs5.27bn as of September 2016. They also claim to have already paid the businessman a total of Shs3bn.

The two pastors are expected in court on May 11.

Pastor Ssenyonga is not new to controversy. Months ago, staff at his Top Radio and Top TV stations dragged him to the Ministry of Labor for failing to pay their salaries. (Read Story Here).

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