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TROUBLE IN PARADISE as US Government Punishes Speaker Anita Among by Cancelling Her Visa ‘Over Anti-Homosexuality Law’

Speaker Anita Annet Among

In what is being interpreted as a punishment for steering the Ugandan Parliament to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, twice, the US Government has revoked Speaker Anita Annet Magogo Among’s visa, a legislator close to the head of the country’s legislature has revealed.

Asuman Basalirwa, a seasoned lawyer, opposition Jeema party leader and Member of Parliament (MP) representing the people of Bugiri Municipality, has claimed that he has received information that the speaker’s visa has been cancelled.

According to Basalirwa, there had been issues that the US government learnt of after a previous issuance of visa to the Speaker of Parliament. She has been urged to apply again.

“The Speaker’s visas for America have been cancelled. This is also confirmed [in the following email] from the US Embassy: ‘Dear Madam Speaker, the United State government has revoked your current visas on information that came available after your last issuance. As of May 12, 2023, you do not possess a valid travel visa to the US though you are welcome to apply again. Forward your passport to the embassy through Ministry of Finance so that we can make necessary modifications to your visas,’” said Basalirwa.

“Visas have been canceled. I don’t know why they are picking out a few. Ccancel all visas of MPs, save for two. In fact, cancel visas for all Ugandans.”

The opposition legislator sounded convinced that Speaker Among was being punished for her role in the processing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.  He vowed to rally his colleagues to remain strong in the face of US persecution.

In his view, the US government has a right to cancel the visas of all MPs who voted in favour of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and that it was clear that Uganda should not interfere with the way Washington chooses to handle her relations with Kampala or any other sovereign nation.

Meanwhile, President Museveni has finally assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, meaning it is now law and should be enforced by state security and other authorities. (See Details Here).

Speaker Among is not the first Ugandan to have her visa cancelled or be given a travel ban to the US. A former CMI chief and Museveni’s gold dealer friend are some of those who have been banned from travelling to America or had sanctions against them. (See Details Here and There).

As we reported recently, Speaker Anita Among and her deputy Thomas Tayebwa were allocated billions for travel abroad, clothes and entertainment in the next financial year. (See Details Here).

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