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TROUBLE: Hell Breaks Loose after Muzaata’s Widow Married Akram Gumisiriza; Nkuba Kyeyo Ex-Lover Spills Dirty Secrets


Kulthum Nabunya, a widow to the late Sheikh Nuhu Batte Muzaata, has remarried about a year since her outspoken husband passed on.

Kulthum has replaced the late Sheikh Nuhu Batte Muzaata with Akram Gumisiriza.

The fallen Sheikh’s widow introduced Gumisiriza to her family in Magere, Wakiso District.

But some people wondered why Kulthum didn’t wait longer to remarry.

While she was still struggling to answer critics on that front, a ‘nkuba kyeyo’ named Tasha came with more allegations.

Tasha has claimed that Shs20m, part of the money her ex-boyfriend Gumisiriza injected in Kulthum’s introduction, was stolen from her (Tasha) in South Africa.

She says the money was meant for her rent in South Africa, but Gumisiriza allegedly ran with it.

“Akram has been my boyfriend, my man and we have been living together in South Africa. What disappointed me most is to learn that he had stolen from me so as to get introduced to another woman, Kulthum Nabunya,” Tasha has been quoted as saying.

“All I want is my money back because I have been even thrown out of my rental in South Africa since he chewed the rent money.”

But Kulthum insists that Akram Gumisiriza brought to her home things worth over Shs20m, and that she is not bothered but rather busy enjoying her honeymoon.

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