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TRENDING: Enanga Shocks Ugandans with His ‘Ebola 19’ Blunder (Video & Reactions)

Fred Enanga

Fred Enanga, the Spokesperson of the Uganda Police Force (UPF), is a very interesting publicist. He is known to make some really complex and tough communications with calmness, and for his statements that some people have been saying are not as true as he thinks they are. Yet these are really positions of the police force, statements that have to be communicated — meaning that there must someone to deliver them. 

As all humans, really, Enanga is not immune from mistakes, errors, blunders and gaffes: nobody is immune when it comes to these. But in the age of social media, a video clip of such gaffes will trend like there is no tomorrow. And this is exactly what has happened to Enanga in the last 24 hours or so.

In a recent address to the nation on the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) situation in the country, the police spokesperson attempted to encourage Ugandans to observe set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and prevention guidelines as set by Dr Jane Ruth Aceng’s Ministry of Health.

While his communication was a welcome addition and contribution to the sensitization efforts, Enanga referred to the disease as ‘Ebola19’ (perhaps due to how much he and most of us have been used to Covid19). “We urge the people [in the districts of Mubende and Kassanda] to follow the [Ebola] lockdown restrictions and comply fully to held in the fight against Ebola-19,” said Enanga.

Social media has been reacting. Here are some of the reactions:

BEWARE: When did Uganda get invaded by Ebola19? The East African Country has been tussling with COVID19, Ebola, and now there is Ebola-19! The Health Ministry and Police Officials need to address this immediately and urgently.Wako Joel @WakoJoel

Damn Enanga you won’t see Heaven… now Ebola19 bro.? Really. Still it had to be you…Kakooza Samuel @SK_keisam

As we are stiling fighting to regulate Ebola Sudan now we have ‘a new variant virus EBOLA19. Those are words of Enanga, the spokesperson Uganda Police. ohooo Uganda zaabu – KASAALI FRANK @KasaaliFrank

Being a Ugandan is enough for me… Ebola19 riyale. Mpuliira ne nnaku – Social_ butterfly @Ka_shucari

Meanwhile, Uganda’s President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has made a big announcement on the issue of a national Ebola lockdown. An ambulance driver has also died of Ebola, raising the number of deaths. (See Details Here and There).

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