Top NUP Official Opens Up On Moles Using Photos Taken With Bobi Wine To Con Museveni - The Pearl Times Top NUP Official Opens Up On Moles Using Photos Taken With Bobi Wine To Con Museveni - The Pearl Times

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Top NUP official opens up on moles using photos taken with Bobi Wine to con Museveni

Bobi Wine, President Museveni and Rubongoya. Courtesy photos

National Platform Unity (NUP) Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya says the party is aware of moles spying on it and its principal Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, but it’s not bothered.

In recent months, some people that were close to Bobi Wine and his People Power pressure group defected to President Yoweri Museveni’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

One of these was Ashburg Katto, a social media manager of Bobi’s Facebook Ghetto TV.

The Facebook page was hacked into weeks after Ashburg crossed to NRM.

Talk of moles in NUP, People Power and Bobi Wine’s camp is not new.

In fact, even Rubongoya himself has had some Bobi supporters label him a mole. But Bobi defended him, telling all that he trusted his former lecturer had left NRM and had good intentions.

According to Rubongoya, some politicians are simply using Bobi Wine to milk the Museveni regime, saying he was “one of the most lucrative businesses in the country.”


We need to understand that in Uganda, one of the most lucrative businesses is called Bobi Wine or the Honorable Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert.

Through him, people have gotten all sorts of favours from the state because he is the worst enemy to the state but at the same time the best friend to many of these people who want quick money, and that kind of thing.

So, you will see a lot of them coming, taking pictures with him so that they go following day and get paid by the state.

You have seen people who came, took two, three pictures with Bobi Wine, Hon Kyagulanyi, and then before you know it, they go and sell them and say, ‘you know I am very close to him, here I was with him taking tea, here I was him somewhere, and because we live in a decadent system which is extremely corrupt, where the focus of the state is just keeping power, they will just dish money to these individuals.

We expected it, we are not bothered by such people; we know that they came for a mission and they fulfilled it, but for us we don’t lose our focus; we keep focused on the ultimate goal.

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