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Top Female Singer Breaks Silence on Being ‘Chewed’ By Daddy Andre Before Being Given Collabo

Daddy Andre

Ugandan Music Producer and singer Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andre is a very talented man. He has produced music for many artistes, female and male. His music rules the Ugandan radio air waves and clubs at night as well as people’s homes. 

However, regarding his female clients, some Ugandans have over the years been suspecting and alleging, without any proof, that Daddy Andre, ‘chews’ some before producing for them good music or allowing collabos with them! Not one to allow distractions, Daddy Andre has continued pushing ahead and giving Ugandans good music.

The allegations have not stopped Daddy Andre from giving collabos to female singer nor have the female musicians stopped coming to him beginning to work with him on some songs. In one of the latest collabos, Daddy Andre features a top female singer from Western Uganda.

Calling herself the queen of the west, Omega 256, whose real name is Shamim Murerwa, is very talented. One has to listen to her songs such as ‘Weekend’ to confirm this. Her latest hit is called ‘Keeza’ and she has teamed up with Daddy Andre for a remix of this song. The remix was due for release this Friday, November 11, 2022.

But Omega 256 realized that some people thought that Daddy Andre had first chewed her before allowing a collabo for a remix. But the queen of the west has dismissed claims that Daddy Andre first ‘ate’ her before the collabo, and defended him as a very good and responsible person that does not involve himself in such bad manners.

Did Daddy Andre chew Omega 256 before Keeza collabo
Omega 256

“Mwe abawoza Yasose kundya, Nga tetunakola Luyimba, Daddy Andre simusezi Banange Musajjatu Muntumulamu,” Omega 256 wrote in Luganda. (The loose translation is: All of you thinking that Daddy Andre first ‘chewed’ me before allowing me to have a collabo with him, you should know that he is not a ‘night dancer (cannibal)’ but rather a good man). 

But Daddy Andre months ago dumped his ‘wife’ Nana Roz, another singer. Daddy Andre’s relationship with Angella Katatumba also ended in tears. (See Details Here and There).

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