TO HELL WITH KABAKA YEKKA ‘WOLVES!’ Museveni Minister Norbert Mao Vows to Crush Politicians Who Want to Turn DP into a Buganda Party

Norbert Mao

Norbert Mao, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, and President General of the opposition Democratic Party, has vowed to defeat the descendants of Kabaka Yekka whom he accuses of plotting to divide the party and to make it a provincial political organization. 

Without directly naming Buganda, Mao, described those criticizing his latest move to work with the country’s president and head of the ruling party as ‘squabblers.’

Mao has been facing criticism since he accepted a ministerial appointment following negotiations and the signing of a cooperation agreement between him and President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, the national chairman of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

He argues that these ‘squabblers’ just want to make a provincial party. One of Uganda’s oldest political parties, the DP was dominant in Buganda sub region.

But in 2010, Mao, a former LCV Chairman of Gulu District, and a man from Acholi in Northern Uganda, was elected DP President.

According to Mao, even before his election to the top office in DP, there was already a group of squabblers keen on turning the party into a provincial organization.

Also describing the ‘squabblers’ as ‘descendants of Kabaka Yekka’ and ‘wolves in sheep skin,’ Mao vowed to crush this group in order to save the party.

“The squabblers in DP are not interested in honest debate about any issue. Those of us who want to build a National Party are facing those who for decades (even before I became DP President) are determined to reduce DP to a provincial party! We will not be distracted!” noted Mao.

“We have to build a party that is national in character. Those who are bent on dividing the party along lines of parochial interests will be decisively confronted and defeated. In the same way the DP confronted and unmasked Kabaka Yekka in the 60s, our generation will fearlessly face and confront the descendants of Kabaka Yekka.”

He added: “Like wolves in sheep skin these retrogressive elements come under various guises but they will never deceive us. The banner of truth and justice will never be surrendered into the hands of reactionary forces that seek to reduce the party to a small minded outfit serving narrow interests as opposed to the founding ideals of the party.”

It should be remembered that last month, Museveni appointed Norbert Mao minister following the signing of a cooperation agreement. (Read Stories Here and There).

The full Norbert Mao – Museveni agreement deal, word by word is HERE.

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