THIS MAN KABANDA! NRM MP Claims to Know Source of Speaker Anita Among’s Troubles

MP David Kabanda and Speaker Anita Annet Among

Kashambya County MP David Kabanda has claimed to know the reason why some groups of people are allegedly fighting Anita Anita Among, the Bukedea District Woman MP and Speaker of Uganda’s 11th Parliament. 

Speaker Among has been in the news after she claimed that she had received reports of an attempt by some people to assassinate her.

Among was this week in the news after Geoffrey Rwakabale, the Town Clerk of Makindye Division Urban Council rescinded the registration of the speaker customary marriage to Budiope East MP and Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) president Moses Magogo Hassim.

Rwakabale had attempted to cancel the registration of this marriage within less than 24 hours of its formalization.

Kabanda, a youth member of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), says Speaker Among is being fought because of her bravery in the war against graft.

The Kashambya County MP says Among is reportedly in trouble because of her decision to expose the land grabbers who were interested in stealing land in Naguru and Nakawa.

“The fight against corruption and impunity in Uganda is very costly and deadly, it can lead to loss of your life,” warned Kabanda.

“All the wars against Rt. Hon Anita Among originate from her brave decision to save Nakawa/Nagulu Land from opaque Land grabbers.”

It should be remembered that one of the people named in the Nakawa-Naguru land saga is junior minister Persis Namuganza who was previously interrogated for ‘passing eyes through’ Speaker Among. (Read Story Here).

Namuganza has since alleged that she narrowly survived being assassinated on Wednesday. (Read Story and Watch Video Here).

Kabanda’s allegations remain unsubstantiated.

MP David Kabanda has also claimed that there is a certain brown state minister from Busoga who is fighting hard to ensure that the marriage between Moses Magogo and Speaker Anita Among fails. (Read Story Here).

The Registrar of Marriages at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) has since given his final decision on the registration of the marriage between Moses Magogo and Speaker Anita Among. (Read Story Here).

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