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THEY WANT TO KILL ME: Gashumba Cries Out after ‘Surviving’ Assassination Attempt

THEY WANT TO KILL ME: Gashumba Cries Out after 'Surviving' Assassination Attempt
Frank and Sheilah Gashumba

Socialite and NBS TV presenter Sheilah Carol Gashumba has alleged that she has survived an assassination attempt, raising concerns that some people are trailing her with the intention of killing her over political reasons. The political reasons reportedly relate to her father Frank Gashumba’s comments on media shows. 

Frank Gashumba, the CEO of Sisimuka Uganda, and the leader of the Banyarwanda association in Uganda, Abavandimwe, has in recent days been on the spot after a man he wished death finally breathed his last following his arrest and detention for promoting sectarianism against Banyankore and Banyarwanda tribal groups.

Jakana Nadduli Sulayiman, son to former NRA bush war ‘fighter,’ former Luweero District boss and ex-minister without portfolio Hajj Abdul Nadduli, died nearly a week ago. Before he died, Nadduli had been listed by Gashumba as one of the people who had sown so many seeds of hatred against Banyarwanda or Abavandimwe in Uganda. In one TV show, Frank Gashumba wondered why Jakana Nadduli did not die the day he was involved in a road accident.

In Frank Gashumba’s view, Jakana should have died in the road accident so that he could taste the very painful death that he has been wishing the Bavandimwe or Banyarwanda. That for the Banyarwanda, they love those who love them and hate those who hate them in equal measure. He is yet to apologize for his comments and Jakana’s father Nadduli said that his son’s haters must be celebrating.

Sheilah, Gashumba’s daughter believes that she is being trailed over her father’s comments about Jakana Nadduli. Sheilah claimed that in the past few days, she has been receiving threats against her life on social media. She claimed that she has no interest in politics and that she should not be harassed or threatened over the same. “I’m not into politics! The past few days people have been sending threats under my social media accounts in relation to politics,” she wrote.

And that on Friday night, as she was returning from a gig in Bugolobi (it is said that she had been the emcee at the Vuma Piano show held at Zone 7 Bar in Bugolobi), she was followed by four men on bodabodas, men she believed wanted to finish her off. That things would have turned different had her driver not diverted along Jinja Road, most likely making those trailing her lose track.

“Today [Saturday] four boda riders with passengers with helmets followed my car from my gig till Jinja Road until my driver made a diversion! Are you trying to k*ll me?” wondered Gashumba.

Her boyfriend has told those threatening his girlfriend to leave her alone, emphasizing that she is not into politics (which he seems to limit to political party affiliation) — and that she should not be affected by the effects of politics.

“My girlfriend is not affiliated to any political party nor into politics. She does her own thing on TV and host parties, do music PR and so on. Everyday, insults are hurled at her calling her so many things but she keeps doing her own thing. Please leave her out of politics. Thank you,” wrote Gashumba’s daughter. 

It should be remembered that claims of assassination plots are common in Uganda. Just a few months ago, Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among claimed that some people wanted to kill her. Days later, it emerged that one of her bodyguards had mysteriously fled the country. (Read Stories Here and There).

Back to the Gashumba-Jakana story, Gashumba is yet to apologize to the Naddulis. Meanwhile, President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has ordered an investigation into what really killed Jakana Nadduli. But Jakana’s father Nadduli has given hints on the cause of his son’s death. (See Details Here and There).

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