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THEY WANT TO KILL ME! Fearless Government Official Who ‘Cancelled’ Speaker Anita Among-Magogo Marriage Registration Cries Out

Moses Magogo and Speaker Anita Annet Among

A government official who cancelled the registration of the customary marriage between Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among, and Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) president Moses Magogo Hassim, has claimed that his life is in great danger.

Last week, Geoffrey Rwakabale was in the news for the being the fearless government official who nullified the registration of the customary marriage of Magogo and Among, both MPs in the 11th Parliament.

On August 16, Rwakabale, then working as the Town Clerk of Makindye Division Urban Council, cancelled the Among-Magogo customary registration.

But the documents on the marriage registration cancellation remained unpublished in the public domain until last week when they leaked.

Now Rwakabale has written to Uganda Police Force (IGP) chief Inspector General Martins Okoth Ochola, and Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Tom Magambo explaining to them why he thinks his life is in danger and why his security should be beefed.

Rwakabale claims that his life is in great danger, especially since he learnt that some yet-to-be-identified individuals have been following him.

In his petition to the IGP, Rwakabale emphasized that his life was “in jeopardy” and asked the police chief to grant him “more security to secure my personal life.”

Although he does name the people he thinks want to kill him, Rwakabale makes it clear that he understands that he poked his fingers’ into the soft parts of some powerful and wealthy Ugandan officials who have since become annoyed that a then mere town clerk could stand in their way.

Rwakabale has also informed the IGP of the events leading up to death threats.

He writes that on August 12 Dickson Ogwang, the country’s Deputy Ambassador to Sudan, came to his office but found out that he was away and left behind a message.

That Deputy Ambassador Ogwang informed Rwakabale’s assistant to inform his boss that he was Speaker Among’s emissary and had an urgent matter that needed to be sorted.

Four days later, on August 16, Rwakabale returned to office and called the phone number that Ogwang had left behind to ask about the urgent matter the deputy ambassador and the speaker wanted handled with such urgency.

Rwakabale said that he fixed an appointment for Ogwang to come to his office and have details of the matter.

Meanwhile, the then town clerk said that while he talked to deputy ambassador Ogwang, he could hear someone in background that sounded like Anita Among.

Ambassador Ogwang would rush to Rwakabale’s office and tell the then town clerk that Among and Magogo wanted the customary marriage ceremony they had reportedly held at Mestil Hotel to be registered by the Makindye Division Urban Council.

Rwakabale said he was concerned that Ambassador Ogwang did not provide enough evidence to prove that there had been a customary marriage between Ogwang and Magogo.

He further wrote that Ogwang has come with a certificate of customary marriage certificate that was already filled. The only thing remaining was Town Clerk Rwakabale’s signature.

Rwakabale said that he lectured Ambassador Ogwang on what was legally required and the procedures that had to be followed before the customary marriage would be registered.

In a document previously seen by this publication, Town Clerk Rwakabale claimed that he was under duress when the registered the customary marriage of Anita Among and Moses Magogo, a registration which ended in tears less than 24 hours later. (Read Story Here).

Meanwhile, the Registrar of Marriages at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) has since given the official position on the validity of the Moses Magogo-Anita Among marriage and whether the registration of their customary marriage is legal or illegal. (Read Story Here).

An NRM MP has also revealed that a Museveni minister from Busoga is the one behind the move for the de-registration of Anita Among’s marriage with Moses Magogo. (Read Story Here).

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