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The Stream | Samuel Kamugisha

River Rwizi. Courtesy Photo

Tones of burden wrapped round my neck

Head wrinkled. Hands bruised 

Emotions turned emojis: flecks.

Blaring sweet music? Rattle and clatter

Restless heart: worried of this and that

Eyes see mirages: rolling, racing unclear things

Acrid air smells of smell itself: pungent stink

Tongue so dry and sour: bitter saliva and nausea

Heart pumping as though in a cross-country

Injured mind: betrayed, taken for a ride

Nursing wounds

Grotesque images: appearing. Disappearing. 

Sweetly flows the village stream: away from chaotic Kampala

Tranquil waters relax my heart: water clear and pure

Ripples settle down in my mind: mending it

Egrets sing gracefully in the adjacent farm: sweet music   

Ambience crowned: feel at home. So cool. Quiet

Mollifying placation: the stream waters breathe freshness.

Walls shattered

All fetters splintered

Thoughts of adoration for the Creative Maker fill

Every void

Redeemed: I am at rest whiling away with

Soothing peace of mind by the stream.


About the Poet

Samuel Kamugisha is a Ugandan journalist, poet and fiction writer. A Journalism and Communication graduate, his poetry and short stories are inspired by his work as a journalist and as an observer of events in his country.

Kamugisha’s poem, ‘The Honourable Weevil,’ was published in Wondering and Wondering of Hearts: A Collection of Poems from Uganda, while his two poems, ‘Flying Papers’ and ‘Priorities’ were long listed for the 2016 Babishai Niwe Poetry Award.

His other prose and poetry have been published by Brittle Paper, Parousia Magazine, DwartOnline, Praxis Magazine, and Africa Crayons, among other places.  You can read more of Samuel Kamugisha’s journalism, prose and poetry work on

You can also read Painting Soulless Kampala and Priorities Here and There.

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