The same regime that killed you is still murdering Ugandans: Bobi Wine pens emotional tribute to fallen Museveni minister Andrew Kayiira


Opposition politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has paid tribute to former President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s minister and ex-freedom fighter Dr Andrew Luyakome Kayiira as the country marks 34 years since his murder.

Dr Kayiira, a former Uganda Freedom Movement /Army (UFM/A) leader, was shot dead 10 days after his release from Luzira Prison.

The murder happened at the home of BBC correspondent Henry Gombya in Lukuli-Konge in Makindye Division, Kampala. 

Museveni had appointed Kayiira minister of energy in January 1986. Three months later, Kayiira agreed to have his UFM fighters integrated into the NRA forces in April 1986.

Security officers had arrested Dr Kayiira on October 05, 1986.

His detention at Luzira was closely followed by the arrested of 24 other people, all charged with treason.

Kayiira would not leave Luzira Maximum Prison until February 24, 1987.

He would then stay at Gombya’s home where a night attack claimed his life at about 10pm on March 06, 1987.

Only Kayiira was shot, four times, yet there was Gombya, his wife and three others in the home.

Like many others, Bobi Wine believes the Museveni administration had a hand in Kayiira’s murder.

He has penned an emotional tribute, telling the fallen freedom fighter that his killers are still murdering Ugandans, but the people were determined to free themselves.

Here is Bobi Wine’s tribute to Kayiira:

34 years ago, you were murdered in cold blood, Dr Andrew Lutakome Kayiira. You were gunned down by the very people that you assisted to take power, just a few weeks after you were released from Luzira prison on politically motivated treason charges.

The blood thirsty regime has since killed thousands of your people in cold blood. We miss your leadership and we can only try to fit in your very big shoes.

Where ever you are Taata, I just want you to know that the cause for which you paid the ultimate price is still alive and kicking.

Continue resting in Peace Commander of the Uganda Freedom Movement.

May your wisdom and revolutionary spirit resurrect in our generation. Aluta continua.

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