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THE MAFIA WANT TO KILL ME KIRUMIRA-STYLE: Ex-Besigye Tormentor Sam Omara Cries Out

Sam Omara. Courtesy Photo

Retired Assistant Commissioner (ACP) of Police Sam Omara, the man who credited for severally blocking opposition leader Col (Rtd) Dr Kizza Besigye, has claimed that his life is in danger, informing the relevant authorities, including the law and order that some weevils (kawukumi) and mafia are hell-bent on killing him. 

ACP Omara retired from Uganda Police Force (UPF) in 2020 after serving in the law and order agency for many years. The highlight of Omara’s career was commanding operations to hinder Dr Besigye’s protests that shook President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government years ago.

But Omara, a man many would say served in the UPF with all his heart, has made damning allegations against the force, revealing that there are several ‘kawukumi’ (weevils) working with criminals and the mafia to obstruct justice and cause suffering to Ugandans.

A few years ago, President Museveni admitted that there were several bad apples in the Uganda Police. The president talked of ‘kawukumi’ or weevils that had infiltrated the force, making it easy for police officers to connive with criminals in the commission of crimes and to sabotage investigations, frustrating those seeking justice.

Omara, a man who mercilessly quelled Dr Besigye’s 2011 walk-to-work protests, says to-date several high-ranking officers are involved in criminal activities in major cities and towns.

He says he once attempted to block some police detectives who had colluded with criminals who stole a bulldozer and an excavator sold in transit to Rwanda. According to Omara, there are many more cases where officers work with wrong elements to commit crime.

But the retired officer, who was left the UPF two years after his former boss Gen Kale Kayihura was fired and humiliated for looking on as his men committed crimes,  says he is worried that some officers of the law and order agency want him dead for speaking about their crimes just like ASP Muhammad Kirumira died after being vocal in exposing the rot in the Uganda Police Force.

Kirumira was killed 2018, over a year since former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi was also assassinated. Before he died, Kirumira had complained that his life was in danger.

Omara now wants police chief IGP Martins Okoth Ochola to rein in corrupt officials in the force, and to ensure that he is safe in his retirement.

Months ago, Omara revealed he had rejected a Shs200m bribe from the opposition who wanted him to allow them use Besigye’s walk-to-work protest to remove Museveni from power (Read Story Here).

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