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The Gun is Mightier than the Pen, Says First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba as He Brags About Social Media Following

  • First son and Commander Land Forces Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has argued that the gun and sword are mightier than the pen.

Lt Gen Kainerugaba made the argument while bragging about his social media following.

The president’s son reminded journalist Charles Onyango Obbo of his insistence that the pen was mightier than the sword.

Based on the fact that he has more Twitter followers than Obbo, Kainerugaba said the veteran journalist was wrong.

“My big brother Charles Onyango Obbo, you remember you told me in 1998 in Muyenga that the pen was greater than the sword. But now I have more followers than you on Twitter. So maybe the sword is actually greater than the pen,” noted Museveni’s son.

In response, Obbo lectured Kainerugaba about the challenges of the Twitter following index.

“Well, Twitter followers as an index is very problematic, but I see that Daily Monitor, the guardians of the Pen, with 1.2M has nearly 3 times yours and mine (.@ntvuganda has 1.5M) .@Trevornoah has 11.6M – so, comedy is mightier than many guns? Would be an interesting debate,” replied Obbo.

Vowing to overtake comedian Noah using Museveni’s gospel.

“Don’t divert me with @Trevornoah. I shall overtake him one day. Once enough Africans hear the good news that President @KagutaMuseveni brought to them. My point is that I have beaten you in terms of followers. Ugandans/Africans want to hear messages of our revolution.”

The conversation between veteran journalist and military officer went on.

Obbo: Yes, and I will do something that would be useful to add to the repertoire of the “revolution” – gracefully concede defeat (just wish I had been alerted though that there was a race).

Kainerugaba: Charles, where have you ever defeated the revolution? I’m just letting you know that I have more followers than you.

A tweeting general and alleged ‘crown prince,’ Kainerugaba has been making controversial statements in recent months.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda recently forgave him over his proposal for a beauty contest. (Read Story Here).



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