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THE BIG MAN HAS SPOKEN! President Ruto Breaks Silence on Plot to Remove Term Limits to Rule Kenya Museveni-Style

William Ruto with Museveni

Kenyan President Dr William Samoei Ruto has finally spoken out on reports that some National Assembly and Senate members subscribing to his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and the Kenya Kwanza Coalition were planning to present a bill to amend the country’s Constitution to remove presidential term limits so that the newly sworn in leader can reign over Kenya non-stop the way Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has ruled his countrymen and women for nearly four decades. 

While there are neither term limits nor presidential age limits in neighboring Uganda, Kenya’s Constitution bar anyone from holding the country’s top office for more than two five-year terms — otherwise, given his age, Uhuru Kenyatta would have contested in this year’s election and would probably have won a third term.

Days ago, a Kenyan MP stole media headlines home and abroad when he revealed that was a plan to push for constitutional amendments and allow Ruto to rule Kenya until the age of 75, meaning that he would be in office for a total of years if won three more presidential elections.

In Uganda, all the politicians who steered the removal of presidential term and age limits were rewarded with appointments by President Museveni. A few weeks ago, Museveni appointed vocal age limit removal campaigner Simeo Nsubuga with a juicy commissioner job about one year since he lost his MP seat. (Read Details Here).

But in Kenya, the man who has proposed the removal of term limits is yet to get any reward — because he has a job as a legislator, and his proposal is yet to become law. (Maybe when the amendment is passed and he is jobless, the beneficiary will reward him).

Instead, Kenyan president Ruto has described the move to ‘touch’ the constitution as an act of selfishness, and one which would divert him from fulfilling the promises he made to the country’s hustlers who struggling with the high cost of living and increased crime in the capital Nairobi (which Ugandan first son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba threatened to capture in a few days, leading to his sacking).

“Don’t spend your time pushing for selfish legislation like changing the Constitution to remove term limits… My focus is service to the people,” President Ruto told MPs attending the UDA Parliamentary Group meeting at State House.

Meanwhile, popular Ugandan opposition politician Bobi Wine has told Kenyans to be on alert and never to say that he did not warn them, reminding them that that is how Museveni’s move to amend Uganda’s term and age limit clauses started, sometimes being denied by Museveni himself — the way President Ruto is trashing the move. (See Details Here).


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