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Tegu’s pastor shreds Enanga’s statements

Bishop Isaiah Mbuga of Christ’s Heart Ministries International. Courtesy Photo

Bishop Isaiah Mbuga of Christ’s Heart Ministries International where the late Emmanuel Tegu fellowshipped from has punched holes in police statement on the Makerere student’s death.

Last week, Tegu succumbed to injuries from a June 27 mob incident near Lumumba Hall.

Circumstances surrounding the mob action remain contested.


Police say it’s officer Farouk Mukose had found the 24-year-old veterinary student half naked behind Makerere University Main Building at about 10pm.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says Tegu had thrown stones at Mukose when the police constable inquired what he was doing at the spot at such an hour.

“He appeared erratic and responded by throwing stones at the officer, who fired three shots in the air to scare the victim but [Tegu] kept charging at him,” said Enanga.

“This forced the officer to withdraw and communicated to his supervisor.”

According to Enanga, Tegu would later run towards Centenary Bank and St Augustine Church where he “charged at the three private security guards.”

“They hit him using the metallic chairs from the visitor’s tent, and it’s at this stage that he cried out for help.”

Tegu’s cries had attracted about 10-15 residents from Zone I and West Road quarters around Lumumba Hall, Enanga continued.

“Among the responders were a few youth who joined the private security guards and violently assaulted the victim, whom they suspected to be a thief. 


According to the man who pastored Tegu, Enanga’s account is flawed, especially on when the incident happened.

“We want to call upon the Uganda Police Force to be fair and true in this case,” said Mbuga on July 09.

“Be true to the issue of the time the crime was committed. It was not 10 o’clock, it was 7 o’clock.”

The pastor is also concerned with Enanga’s statement on Tegu’s bipolar condition.

He said such utterances would make people with mental illnesses feel unsafe and live under fear that their lives could end like the Makerere student’s.

“I also want to call upon the police not to use the excuse of bipolar [disorder], because not every bipolar person will end up dying like that,” he urged.

“If you are saying Tegu had the underlying condition and that is why [they] killed him, then that means every family where there are bipolar people, they are likely to be killed in the same manner.”

The bishop also wondered why an officer took Tegu’s phone.

He demanded that that policeman “be placed on the crime scene.”

Meanwhile, after studying footage retrieved from St Augustine Church on July 08, police charged four people with Tegu’s ‘murder.’

The charged suspects are Makerere Councillor Charles Oigu, 34; security guard Balam Nyeko, 33; and  two Makerere residents Johnson Kakuru, 24, and Moses Sekitoleko, 21.

Enanga said three more suspects were on the run.

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