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TAME YOUR RUKIRA! Stella Nyanzi Sends Clear Warning to Novelist Kakwenza as Saga over Anne Whitehead’s Pregnancy Deepens

Controversial academic and researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi has delivered a great piece of advice to her friend and fellow writer Kakwenza Rukirabashaija who is currently in the news over allegations of mistreating women.

It all started when communications guru Anne Whitehead of Whitehead Communications accused Kakwenza, the author of The Greedy Barbarian, for making it a habit to fall in love with women and quickly fall out after ‘pricking’ them and in some cases, ballooning them.

Whitehead claimed that ever since she came out to expose the ‘barbarian’ in Kakwenza, she has been receiving many complaints from women who have reportedly been ‘chewed’ by Kakwenza, only to be abandoned either ballooned or heartbroken.

It should be remembered that Nyanzi, Whitehead and others are said to have been instrumental in helping Kakwenza, a man wanted by the Ugandan state over his controversial writings, to escape from the impoverished East African country through Rwanda. Kakwenza is now is exile in Europe.

“We risked a lot to evacuate a wounded fugitive comrade expeditiously. We knowingly endangered friends with his safe passage. We risked entire households who gave him safe shelter in their private homes. We pushed impossible odds to make the untold miraculous escape happen,” said Nyanzi.

Nyanzi has blamed Kakwenza of using his untamable ‘rukira’ to misbehave, something that has rattled those who had mercy on him and helping him escape from the fangs of the Ugandan state.

She has since advised the tall and youthful writer to “take charge” of his farm of female species, adding that she had no problem with Kakwenza running a worldwide farm to showcase ‘exploits and conquests’ in the ‘hole-piercing’ business. She further advised the writer to get used to putting on some form of protection to stop ballooning the daughters of Eve he seems to be very much interested in ‘chewing.’ From Nyanzi’s social media posts, it seems she had warned Kakwenza against ‘eating things’ live but the youthful writer ignored this vital piece of advice.

Meanwhile, Nyanzi has warned Kakwenza against dragging her into his escapades with women. “However, keep my name out of your deceptive moves with possessed women. Anne Whitehead had better be the last of your side-dishes to bleed all over me after jilting. I was silent out of respect until your jilted pregnant lover started to disrespectfully bleed all over me. Manage your harefm, Kakuru! We all have wounds and scars…” wrote Nyanzi.

Stella Nyanzi sent this warning to Kakwenza hours after making a shocking allegation that the Ugandan writer had ballooned a Muzungu woman. (Read Story Here),

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