Tamale Mirundi: Nambooze and Balaam are both political charlatans

Tamale Mirundi Courtesy Photo

Former Presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi has said that both the events manager Balaam Barugahara and the Mukono MP Betty Nambooze are all political hypocrites.

While appearing on NBS TV on September 15, Nambooze categorized Balaam ‘a useful idiot’, which sparked of the cold war between her and Balaam.

Balaam responded to her in a letter, referring to herb as ‘a political piglet’, because she ha sbeen running to various political parties, unlike him who is loyal to his party, National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Tamale Mirundi, has termed both of them as Charlatans because they are all political jokers, who are only chasing money and fame.

He said that Nambooze is always targeting for money through joining the booming political party, while Balaam gets it through working with the NRM government.

“Balaam and Nambooze are the same. They are both money minded People. Nambooze has no moral authority to attack Balaam,” Tamale said.

It should be remembered that Tamale had warned the National Unity Platform (NUP), to be keen with Betty Nambooze, who subscribed to their party.

Mirundi said that Nambooze’s aim is only to use Bobi Wine’s popularity as a stepping stone to retain her Parliamentary seat in Mukono.

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